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Welcome to Animescape! The place were we talk about animes! We'll probably add more stuff as our website progresses, but for now, please read our  comments on some of the animes we recommend. Enjoy!

This website was created by Elsa and Hannah, two anime fans who wanted to share our passion with the world!

Drawing Contest!
There's a Drawing Contest going on here! We need a gallery of Fan Art! Draw your best drawing and take a picture of it and then you can send it to sasukerox1166@yahoo.com All you gotta do is take a picture of your awesome drawing then download it on your computer. Then you can send it to the email address, then we can see if yours is good enough to put in our gallery. It starts on November 15th and then it ends on May 15 2009. So get drawing! Oh yeah, and if you get into the gallery but start messing with the email address, we will not put on your picture. (P.S. the pictures will go on google and YouTube. You cannot use a drawing that is not yours.)

Vampire's Fountain

"Sure Anime is okay, but I totally love Vampires!!!" you say. Well, if you totally love Vampires or maybe you just love Twilight or maybe you like Vampire love or what others. I suggest to go to: www.vampiresfountain.weebly.com

~The Pureblood

Naruto Abridged

This is a spoof of the hit anime, Naruto. It's really funny! Episode 17 (below) is Hannah's all time favorite episode!

If you like what you just saw, you can find more on youtube! To find out any more of your favorite animes abriged, ask us!